Incidental Exercise Enabler


The exercise software system for the sedentary office worker
This program enables sedentary computer users to exercise while browsing the internet or reading a pdf document.
This is achieved via a webcam and a machine vision algorithm that interprets specially tailored exercise motions to control page-navigation.

Sedentary does not have to be stationary !

  • Accumulate incidental exercise while performing your job.
  • Get your heart pumping to exercise levels while working.
  • BURN calories while you read a pdf document.
  • Strengthen your muscles while you browse the internet.
  • How is this possible ?
By translating exercise motions into computer control signals,
a sedentary worker can exercise while performing his daily tasks.
Try it out. Help set the trend for the evolution of the office


download version 1.14 (for win xp,7,8,10)

*No installation required after download; just unzip and execute IncidentalExerciseEnabler.exe


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